⟋ EVENT: V-Fest 2022 European Festival

Flyer for V-Fest 2022 European Festival

V-Fest 2022 European Festival

Welcome to V-Fest 2022! This is the first ever 3 day European exclusive festival headed by Vanguard, VTVR & Vaultage (Get why we chose the name?) Join the discord here: https://discord.io/VFest Day 1 will be handled by Vaultage, day 2 by VTVR and day 3 by Vanguard. **To join you MUST add the VRCDN bot and request to join when the event is live** Bot can be added here: https://vrchat.com/home/user/usr_b2c236d0-7773-43cf-8a7a-9f5e223cc24e Please adhere to each clubs rules for this event. Discords here; https://discord.gg/vrcvanguard https://DISCORD.VTVR.EU https://discord.gg/SuwBxvEhUU Big thank you to the associate clubs who are helping us out with a few things also! https://join.the-station.events/ https://discord.gg/justparty https://discord.gg/WErxeUp9DP https://discord.gg/NOIZ https://discord.gg/f2UzaDfufE Twitter: https://twitter.com/vfestvrc?s=21&t=huBnwsJJIMlSXL3H8A2-pA