⟋ EVENT: Break 5: Relentless Melt

Flyer for Break 5: Relentless Melt

Break 5: Relentless Melt

Break / King Deluxe are showcasing some very cool new music vids made with our songs, from the Hong Kong animation program Relentless Melt, and we invited the musicians from those songs to play sets... Santpoort (live set), Lucinate, and Muta aka Chiral Riffs. Plus PK will be doing a set as well. VJ's are Thiopental, Frank ™, and... you! This is a multi-instance event, with the DJs appearing in each, and if you register for your own instance then you can and your friends can VJ your own party, using our Core FX controls. We'll even give you a tutorial in advance, and you can have up to a week to practice. Just get in touch in our server... https://discord.com/invite/Uc24FkPuPf